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I found this on blademasterbeta and decided to do this myself :)

Q1. What got you into cosplay?

A1. I got into cosplay because I watched clips from a Florida convention called Mega Con, in which I saw a bunch of Final Fantasy cosplayers, and seeing as it was my favourite game series, I just sat there thinking "OMG I wanna do this!!". So, the day after my 15th birthday, I wore a really crappy Tifa cosplay to J-Culture Con 2009 xD (it was TERRIBLE, but i guess you live and learn)

Q2. How long have you been cosplaying?

A2. I started cosplaying late 2009 so 3 and a half years would be my answer :)

Q3. How many cosplays have you done?

A3. Oh dear XD Lemme think! xD At least 13 (but three of them were OC cosplays) Though a lot of them were ones I could take apart and wear as normal clothes XD

Q4. How do you get your cosplays?

A4. I order the wigs on eBay and make everything else by either buying bits from shops or eBay and customise everything :) Though my Night Class blazer, shirt and bow tie were second-hand.

Q5. What was your first cosplay?

A5. It was Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII, and it was the Advent Children costume (and, dear god, it was TERRIBLE!! XD)

Q6. What is your favourite cosplay?

A6. It would DEFINITELY be Black Widow from the Avengers, because it was the most comfortable, lots of people wanted my photo (which, to me, means I did a good job with the costume) and I had the most fun with it :)

Q7. What is your favorite thing about cosplay?

A7. My two favourite things about cosplay is that it brings people together and friendships are born, and people can really get creative with their costumes, which I love seeing when I wait in line to go to a con :)

Q8. Do you have any cosplay pet peeves?

A8. Oh god...I think my biggest pet peeve would be Elitist cosplayers, who think you should cosplay only the people you're tall enough, "cute-faced" enough to cosplay - I say this to everyone, you cosplay who you want, not what people tell you to cosplay. Another would be people who gossip about how they dislike your costume behind your back. I HATE that...

Q9. What is your most recent cosplay?

A9. Black Widow from the Avengers :)

Q10. Tag people :)

A10. I tag Michelle, Grant, Angie, Laura Y, Alex R, Sam (Ricoshi), Jen, Karl D, Sarah D and Sam R + ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO THEIR OWN :D


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Kurai Naragishi
United Kingdom
Cosplayer and make-up enthusiast. All my costumes are handmade.

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